Our Instructor

Juan Berrios – Chief Instructor

Juan Berrios began his Krav Maga training under Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi in 2002 after over two decades of world-class accomplishment in other combat arts including Shotokan Karate, Katsugo Kickboxing Karate and Sambo.

Growing up in the Bronx, Juan’s early life shaped his perspective and fueled his passion for the world of martial arts and his own pursuit of excellence. “I was mugged at gunpoint. I grew up in the old South Bronx in the 70’s when it was truly a war zone. It was simple – there were two true types of people: the weak and the strong. And I got tired of getting picked on.”

With a number of teachers in various disciplines as part of his experience, Juan places great emphasis on proper training and safety. He is a certified personal trainer and adheres to training principles that help students increase their fitness level and avoid injuries.

In addition to his vast experience as a martial artist, Juan was a talented baseball player. He played in the minor leagues and was subsequently drafted by the Kansas City Royals. Before he could begin playing for the team, he suffered a severe shoulder injury thus ending his career as a ballplayer. The injury was a life changing experience and included intense physical rehabilitation to regain the use of his shoulder. The discipline, hard work and perseverance that Juan exhibited on his road to recovery are the same qualities that make him a talented and devoted instructor.

Juan Berrios continues to develop his skills and body of knowledge in the art through training with his teacher Grandmaster Rhon Mizrachi. Juan is dedicated to honoring his teacher’s goal of guarding the true art of Krav Maga as created by founder Imi Lichtenfeld. Through Englewood Krav Maga classes, Juan provides the highest level of authentic Krav Maga training.

Englewood Krav Maga is an affiliate school of the Krav Maga Federation and follows its requirements.

Juan says, “I will always consider myself a student of Krav Maga. It was a privilege to take part in Grandmaster Rhon Mizrachi’s instructor course and to continue to train under him and we maintain a great Krav Maga school through Rhon’s continued guidance”.

Juan Berrios’ Martial Arts Training includes:

Krav Maga

• 2002 Began training under Rhon Mizrachi
• 2011 Completed Krav Maga Federation Instructor Course taught by Rhon Mizrachi

Shotokan Karate

• Began training Shotokan Karate under Sensei Robert Rios at the age of 8

Katsugo Karate Kickboxing

• 1985 Began training under Shihan Tony Melendez
• 1996 Received Black Belt under Shihan Tony Melendez


• 2000 Began training in Sambo under Sensei Igor Chernekov
• 2003-2005 competed in Sambo on the USA team
• 2003 Placed 6th in the world in the Sambo World Championship
• 2003 2nd place in the Pan American Sambo games
• 2004 1st place North American Sambo Championships
• 2005 Received Black Belt from FIAS (Federation International Amateur Sambo)

Brazilian Ju Jitsu

• 2005 – Began training under Marcos Santos
• 2007 received Blue Belt in Ju Jitsu under Marcos Santos