Seniors Self-Defense

Tue 10/29/19 9:00 am - 10:00 am

This Krav Maga Self Defense class is for students 50 years and older (Adults) and is suitable for beginners within this age range.

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This class is part of a 6-Week Self Defense Program
Because this class is part of a progressive 6-week / 12 session skills development program we highly recommend that students attend all classes.

What to wear / bring

- First time participants wear loose fitting pants (sweatpants or Gi pants) and a T-shirt (tank tops or shorts are not permitted)
- Train in socks or wrestling shoes (no sneakers or bare feet)
Participants in the 6-week Self Defense Courses for Women and Seniors will be given gloves and a t-shirt that must be wore in each class.
- Once you join, students must wear approved uniform items
- Uniform items consist of:

  • Englewood Krav Maga or Krav Maga Federation T-shirts
  • Groin protection (for everyone - male and female)
  • EKM Gi pants
  • Wrestling shoes
- Sparring gear is required once students test to Yellow Belt. Sparring Gear must be purchased through EKM

All items are available for purchase at our location with the exception of wrestling shoes.

Register for this class

This class is not open for online registration. Please call if you have any questions.