EKM Recognizes Outstanding Student – Alexander

At Englewood Krav Maga we occasionally recognize particular students for exceptional advancement and outstanding performance. Here we would like to recognize Alexander, one of our younger students. The following is his recent letter about his experience training with us at EKM.

“Hello, My name is Alexander and I am 11 years old. When I first started Krav Maga about a year ago I was really doubtful about myself. My confidence was low and I thought I would be really bad at learning Krav Maga. After a lot of work and practice I got the hang of it and worked my way through.

Krav Maga has changed me a lot. My confidence is as high as its ever been. I can now fully stand up for myself without having any doubts. Krav Maga is important because its a good way to protect yourself. Anyone who learns Krav Maga will have a safe future from anyone or anything.”